External posts by FT Technology folk

Here is a snapshot of some recent external posts by FT Technology folks.

  • Phil Barber on QCON 2014
  • Victoria Morgan Smith on “Agile Pair Painting”
  • Andrew Betts on the Edge 3 conference he hosted

Phil Barber attended QCon 2014

and has written it up on his blog. Here is a sample observation from each of the three days.

Day 1: About Daniel Schauenberg – Development, Deployment & Collaboration at Etsy,

… What I took away…Continuous delivery can be achieved without a perfect architecture if you have the right processes and culture in place. Etsy should be applauded. …”

Day 2: About Tim Lister – Forty Years of Teams,

… What I took away…Writing helps you gather your thoughts. If you don’t get innate pleasure from IT, move on. …

Day 3: About Joakim Recht – The Mean & Lean Pipeline,

… What I took away… The better your build pipeline, the more you have to invest in it up-front. As teams increase in size or become more distributed, the better the build pipeline has to be. …

Victoria Morgan Smith on Agile Pair Painting in InfoQ

Victoria was painting her kitchen last week and it got her thinking about pair programming. She and her partner have painted rooms together before, and they’ve ended up with something they’ve been really proud of, but when she did this alone, even though she has the skills and the knowledge, it didn’t end up as good. She wondered why?

Andrew Betts on hosting Edge 3

Last Friday, I hosted the third edition of our Edge conference at Microsoft’s Cardinal Place office complex in central London. We created some fantastic content, kicked off some deep and meaningful blog posts and discussions, got insightful feedback and, er, I learnt a lot about corporate network restrictions.