FT Wins Varnish Award


Varnish Software has awarded the Varnish Award for Innovation to the Financial Times and its architecture team. The FT uses Varnish Cache to implement multi-factor email login for employees to help protect against the increasing threat of phishing attacks.

FT integrated Varnish with Google Apps two-factor authentication. This allowed a Varnish server to be placed in front of any existing application to add a multi-factor authentication layer (more details).

“FT Architect Luke Blaney’s idea to bridge two unlinked networks for the Financial Times using Varnish Cache illustrates how the software can be used to achieve so much more than caching,” said Lars Larsson, CEO of Varnish Software and a member of the Varnish Awards judging committee. “In this case, they used Varnish Cache as the backbone for a multi-factor authentication layer that adds a necessary level of security and protection for all of the Financial Times business applications.”

Author: Georgina Murray

Communications Assistant