FT hosts Codebar

This week, on 13 September, FT Technology hosted Codebar.

codebar.io are an organisation who run coding workshops which teach and help underrepresented groups (women, BAME & LGBTQ) get into tech.

The event began with a talk on diversity in FT Product & Technology from CPIO Cait O’Riordan, then Kirsten Jones showcased Nightingale, our in house tool used by FT journalists to generate charts for news stories, followed by Chris Gathercole of FT Labs, who gave a demo of the ‘Six Degrees of Angela Merkel’ – a new FT feature based on the six degrees of separation theory, that enables readers to see which famous figures are mentioned together most often, using metadata.


The workshop participants were then paired up with codebar and FT coaches, at various levels and learned parts of HTML, Javascript, Ruby and CSS.


We’ve received lots of brilliant feedback from the participants and codebar on twitter, some of which has been retweeted by @FTTechDept.


Thank you to all who helped organise, teach the codebar participants and assisted in making the night a success.


Author: Georgina Murray

Communications Assistant