My First Week At The FT As A Graduate Engineer

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Recently we had two new graduate engineers join the FT Technology department. We asked them to tell us about their first impressions of the FT and their own individual teams they have started working in.

George Kastrinakis

“Having just started my “journey” as a graduate engineer for the FT, I am excited to think about all the experiences I gained through my first week working with the Data Science team. The first day, involved being introduced to everyone and struggling to remember as many names as possible. I was also assigned to my first project which gave me the opportunity to come up with many questions, get to know how the Data Science team operates and soon after I started feeling more comfortable. Every following day I learned something new, like another way to the cafeteria, another useful data table for my project, what time the tube is the most crowded or what some of my future projects will be.

It has been a busy and exciting first week, a great introduction to this new chapter in my life. I am looking forward to meeting everyone and to being involved in many different projects from teams across the FT.”

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Kamran Muniree

From the moment I started working at the FT, the technology department has allowed me to develop new skills as well as making a positive impact within the team which I am currently working in which is QA. The team have been really helpful and are always willing to support one another which is great to see. I have been able to really get stuck in and work on multiple projects already. Alongside this, the team which I have been working with have made me feel really welcome which helps any new starter.

During my first week, I was set a task to create a script that would allow users to take multiple screenshots of a website in multiple sizes thus allowing them to save time. As this was my first task, I knew straight away that I was going to be adding value to the current team that I was working in.

As I will be rotating around different technology departments over the next six months, I am really looking forward to developing new skills, adding value to the teams and finding out which role suits me best. The idea of a graduate scheme is great as it give the graduate more flexibility in honing in on the right role for them which I aim to do here at the FT.”

We hope George and Kamran enjoy their graduate scheme experiences with all our different technology teams and continue to learn a lot more about all our various roles. We are a large department at the FT and love welcoming new members of staff with fresh ideas and a positive attitude.

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Author: Georgina Murray

Communications Assistant