Organising the Engine Room Conference

The FT Technology department just held an internal conference, with a panel-based format similar to/entirely copied from EdgeConf.

The whole thing was arranged in less than a month and, apart from some VC hiccups, ran remarkably smoothly with some good feedback from the 100+ attendees.

So what made this work, both in getting it organised and in the event itself? The organising group sat down and tried to work it out.

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Women Who Code meetup, Tuesday 22nd July


The FT was delighted to host the Women who Code London meetup on Tuesday 22nd July.

Women who Code is a global movement inspiring women to excel in technology careers. They provide an avenue into technology, empower women with skills needed for professional advancement, and provide environments where networking and mentorship are valued.

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Behaviour-Driven Development at the FT

I’ve spent a lot of my time at the FT talking about and attempting to do Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), but only recently have I become convinced that it makes my life as a developer easier.

Behaviour Driven Development Mantra

I think this is because it’s easy to focus on the wrong things. In this blog post, I’m going to discuss what I’ve learned about doing BDD over the last 3 years.

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