Origami and 177 FT sites

The FT has a lot of websites. More than just FT.com. These sites can be split into some categories:

  1. Things displaying news content to customers. FT.com, things built by the interactive graphics team, Google AMP stories, Facebook Instant Articles
  2. Things talking about the FT itself. Marketing micro-sites, FTLive events pages, things that are about the FT but not the FT
  3. Separate publications. The FT owns about 15 other publications such as www.thebanker.com, www.money-media.com, and www.ftadviser.com.
  4. Internal sites and tools. The sites people use to do their jobs, be that writing articles, managing subscriptions or monitoring uptime.

I don’t know exactly how many sites the FT currently has, I have a spreadsheet with 177 rows in it which is how many I’ve found so far*.
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Introducing the FT Technology Department Blog

Welcome to the FT Technology Department Blog. Here we will be sharing our experiences with technology which hopefully others can benefit from as well as offering up things we have built.

Our perspective is that we do some great work at the FT but we are not a startup working without baggage so we can provide some informal and balanced views on how to deal with the practical issues that occur when old and new tech have to kiss and make up.

Hope you enjoy what we have to offer in posts from areas as diverse as infrastructure (e.g., decommissioning), software development (e.g., BDD), and software as a service (e.g., how to pick a vendor), complementing our sister blog at FTLabs, and other themes such as a History of Tech in publishing.